Operations & Maintenance Projects

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Support Contract, Camp Pendleton, CA

Good-Men provides the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) O&M services for the Naval Hospital, 14 surrounding clinics, and facilities on the Naval Surface Warfare Center, in Port Hueneme, California. Our on-site staff including upper-management is responsible for O&M Services including: managing the central power plant, grounds, preventative maintenance, repairs, paining, trouble-shooting existing systems, servicing existing operations, limited construction services and emergency on-call services for 3 additional military installations. For 4 years we have effectively managed compressed delivery schedules, delivering services above and beyond the required scope including document management and accurate stewardship of the customer’s budget. Building Automation and Temperature Controls Operating, maintaining and controlling the temperature for the hospital and 14 clinics with Metasys Johnson central console.

Mechanical Equipment Maintenance

Through the O&M Contract we are responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of absorptions and centrifugal chillers.

Replacement Absorption Chiller

When systems need to be replaced, the customer relies on Good-Men to perform complex projects due to our ability to mobilize our dedicated subcontractor partners to deliver cost effective and value add solutions

High Voltage Emergency Response

Good-Men responded to a critical need for power supply parts for a Military Hospital and housing quarters resulting from a major power outage. Superior coordination by Good-Men delivered power and an upgraded product in a timely manner.

10K Gallon Diesel Tank Maintenance at Center Plant, Camp Pendleton Naval Base, CA

Project planning included the mobilization and coordination of five trades to replace bio-diesel fuel to regular fuel. Effective communication with the client and multiple stakeholders allowed us to deliver this project safely, within budget and ahead of schedule.

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