Company Info

Roofing & Construction General Contractor

Gaspar Galindo, Jr. founded Good-Men Roofing and Construction,  Inc. in 2005 and is the principal owner. Mr. Galindo is an accomplished professional with over 30 years experience in the roofing and construction industry. Mr. Galindo has worked in virtually every facet of the roofing industry as an Owner of a long term and successful residential roofing company in San Diego, CA, as a Sr. Project Manager for a multi-million dollar 8(a) federal roofing contractor, as a roofer, a roof manufacturer’s representative, and salesman.  Mr. Galindo understands every aspect of the roofing trade and has hands-on experience at almost every level. Thus, Good-Men Construction, Inc. is familiar with all types of roofing systems, green technologies, and techniques used to obtain wind and energy efficiencies.

The expertise and precision of Mr. Galindo is reflected in every member of the Good-Men team. Good-Men strives to satisfy every client demand by tapping into our great source of knowledge and personable customer service. We’re looking to extend our services to childcare centers, aircraft hangers, and beyond. If you have a construction job that can only be executed by experienced professionals, be sure to Contact Us and propose your ideas.

A Reliable Partner With Our Military

“I have come to respect Good-Men Roofing & Construction Inc. as an honest and conscientious contractor that is committed to being a good steward of the contract funds and I find thier accountability unparalleled.”

– Lawrence J. Perry, Construction Representative, Department of the Army, Los Angeles District, CORPS OF ENGINEERS

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide an environment that supports people, government and organizations in the successful accomplishment of “their” mission.